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Let It Ride Stud Poker

If the casino imposes an artificial payoff maximum of $50,000 players need to compensate by lowering their bets. Let It Ride Progressive is a five-card poker game where you compete against a paytable, not against the dealer or other players. If your five-card hand is a pair of 10s or better, you win.

Once all players have made their decision, the dealer turns another card. Again, all players have the chance to remove their wager or leave it in play. At any time the player can tuck their cards under their wager indicating they are letting it ride. The final community card is turned and players win with a pair of tens or better. So when the player has his first three cards before the first community card is dealt.

If any of the players have a pair of tens or better, the dealer pays the $ circle bet and any others left in play, in accordance with the pay table. The Let It Ride rules are fairly easy and the optimal strategy gives you a short list of plays to remember. Free games are available at most of the online casinos for practice.

And I have seen at least a dozen different variations of this pay table. The house advantage can range anywhere from 5% to 25%. And since then they’ve tacked on other ones based on just the player’s initial three cards and all kinds of stuff. But as I say, for every single game, side bets are sucker bets, leave them alone. If the player gets a pair of 10’s or higher then they’ll place their cards face down, with the corner of their cards under the wager that is on the cash betting circle.

Whether you play online or in a land-based casino, the Let It Ride table closely resembles the blackjack table. One of the main differences is that the Let It Ride table has three betting circles opposed to Blackjack’s one. The circle markings will differ from one casino to another, but most tables are marked for $1 and $2 wagers. We would never recommend an online casino we wouldn’t play at ourselves. Before you play Let It Ride online for real money, make sure the online casino offers 128-bit or 256-bit data encryption. Two-Factor Authentication is another security measure we look for.

We keep track of your game stats so you can see how well you will do in Las Vegas at the real casinos. Let It Ride Poker has a house edge of 3.51%, placing the game in the middle of the pack of casino card games when it comes to house edge. The Let It Ride edge is comparable to Three-Card Poker, though much better than the 3-Card Poker’s Pair Plus side bet.

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