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How To Play Let It Ride Card Game

Your optimal strategy is outlined below, and is relatively straight forward when compared to other casino poker games. The next round then takes place with players either removing their bet number 2 or keeping that one in play. The dealer then turns the final card, and the payouts are determined based on whether the players hold a pair of 10’s or better. Each player will then be dealt three cards, and the dealer two cards . The players then act in turn, either taking back bet number 1 or keeping it in play. The strategy for which choice to make is outlined below.

Let It Ride Progressive also features a 3 Card Bonus side bet and a progressive bet. This hand also has possibilities and should be played, though without any high cards there will be no winning pairs possible, eventually balance out mathematically in the long run. The odds for drawing the fifth card to an open-ended straight are 5-1, the exact odds that this hand pays out. Neither you, nor the casino has the edge for this hand.

His circle 1 decision does not restrict his circle 2 option in any way. After the player makes his circle 2 choice the betting is over because the $ circle bet always stays in play. There are no more decisions, the 3rd bet can’t be removed and if you do not make a good hand when the dealer turns over the last card then that bet is lost. Considering you have the chance to win based on 3 units then this is not too bad a loss.

Each player has the option of wagering on the “Three Card Bonus” feature. A player must have wagers on the basic betting areas in order to play “Three Card bonus”. Players may wager an additional $1 per hand to participate in Let it Ride Bonus and receive certain immediate bonus payouts. You’ll notice that you need a made hand or a pretty strong draw to put in the bet at this stage, so you’ll actually avoid doing so for the overwhelming majority of the hands that you play. You have three to a straight flush with two “gaps” and two cards that are ten or above.

The two cards that are placed in the center of the table are common cards that are played by everyone at the table. To pull this method off, the player would mark the cards and wear special contact lenses or glasses. For example, you could slip another gambler an ace to help stack one hand for your team.

Like I said there are casino games with better odds than Let it Ride but that doesn’t seem to detract from its popularity. As one player succinctly put it “It’s fun to play and I don’t have to bet big to win big”. But with Let It Ride it tends to head south until you hit a few good hands.

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